It seen to all episodes that Koganei is the only one who can understand what Mitobe was always saying even if Mitobe never speaks and he is the closest friend of Koganei in Serin. Ōtsubo is known for being very tall and especially large. Meanwhile, at the bench, Kuroko is distressed by his team-mates' situation and returns on the pitch. He then positions himself to bring out his animal instinct, which surprises Mibuchi and Nebuya. ... Shinji Koganei (Kuroko's Basketball) Jim Austin (Metal Armor Dragonar) Ichiuma Kita (The Prince of Tennis) His serious nature made him suitable to be Teikou's second-in-command. Nonetheless, Nebuya catches the rebound as Koganei curses at his failure.[20]. Blood type: A. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. As a normal university student, Kaneki was a somewhat short and scrawny young man with little to no athletic background and preferred to read books. Anime Database Anime Characters Height. But because of his training the past and this year under Riko's schedule, he greatly improved his overall abilities, being at an average strength and speed at the moment. He can understand Mitobe's 'sign language' to signal to Riko that Kagami is overmatched. The regulars of this team became known as the "Generation of Miracles". Koganei then thinks to himself that it's only Kagami that can keep the momentum created by Kuroko and it's up to him to continue. The opponent player jumps for a shot as Koganei steps back. The third quarter ends, with Rakuzan leading at 88-68. Feb 28, 2017. Even though Ōtsubo has two players marking him, he still out-jumps them. Now with only second years in the field, Seirin declares that they are going to win for their pride as sempais. Koganei later watches the revival of Kuroko's Misdirection. Official Name: ja 小金井慎二: Date of Birth: 11.09.???? Then there were four more male students, and they were quiet tall for average male teens. Yet still, she hid them behind the Gakuran she wore. Height: 198 cm Weight: 98 kg Team: Shūtoku Position: Center Talent Basket: control Taisuke Ōtsubo is Shūtoku High's center and captain. v 2020-01, © 2002-2020 by AniDB; all rights reserved. Kiyoshi is not convinced by his attempt but remarks that he is the one who's having fun. Height: 195 cm; Weight: 79 kg; Once a member of the "Generation of Miracles", and now a freshman at Shuutoku High, Midorima is his new team's trump card. Koganei immediately proves himself to be a complete novice at basketball, even calling traveling "cycling". Seirin plays a strong run-and-gun style basketball and is considered one of the best offensive team in the region. Hyūga disapproves and thanks him because Koganei made him able to fight too. Gender Identity: male: Bloodtype: B: Height (in cm) 170: Weight (in kg) 67: abilities: basketball Basketball is Netball for men, the real game that encourages dribbling and other such uncouth behaviour … He is even more happy to have help the team and wonders what would happened if he was taller. Gender : Male. The second year female, that was at the opening ceremonies recruiting members, Aida Riko, was there, along with the other second year male, Koganei Shinji. Koganei is later astonished by Hayama's five fingers dribbling and watches him pass effortlessly through Izuki's defense. High quality Miracle Box gifts and merchandise. [7], Koganei is first seen at the opening ceremony of Seirin High School. His hobby is making plamo (plastic models). ... Junpei and Shinji … Koga runs for the ball and manages to keep it in bounds, but is unable to stop his run, trips and falls behind the bench. Shinji Koganei (小金井 真司 Koganei Shinji) is a second year small forward at Seirin High. Hayama seems to have calm down but Seirin faces now another problem: three-pointers. Tsukiko was a girl of average height and not so average proportions. Koganei looked down. He wore no. 15 jersey when he was in junior high. Looking for information on Takuya Eguchi? 1 Seirin High School 2 Tetsuya Kuroko 3 Taiga Kagami 4 Riko Aida 5 Junpei Hyuuga 6 Shun Izuki 7 Rinnosuke Mitobe 8 Shinji Koganei 9 Satoshi Tsuchida 10 Teppei Kiyoshi 11 Kaijou High School 12 Ryouta Kise 13 Yukio Kasamatsu 14 Mitsuhiro Hayakawa 15 Yoshitaka Moriyama 16 … [0s] - 27.01.2021 16:08:37, Don't like these messages? [2] Koga also wanted a cute female manager for the team and so the basketball team ask Riko to join them. He joins in the match against the freshmen and is seen triple-teaming Kagami.[9]. He is affiliated with 81 Produce. [10] The match goes on and Seirin keeps up with Seihō with a lay-up from Koga. Mitobe throws a towel to Koganei, who can no longer hold his tears.[22]. Eguchi Takuya was born May 22, 1987 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Koga shoots at that moment and Riko says that Koga can shoot from any range. Shop high-quality unique Akashi Seijuro T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. He answers that playing in a match is fun itself. Takuya Eguchi (江口 拓也, Eguchi Takuya, born May 22, 1987) is a Japanese voice actor and singer. However, Riko states that he has the level to participate on a tournament's finals. [15], Koganei prepares his stuff for the finals, The day of the finals against Rakuzan, Koganei prepares his stuff but he is interrupted by his sister Akane. He started playing basketball is because it looked interesting when he saw. He dislikes Pigeons, avocados, and practicing after losing a game. His opponent Mibuchi gets the ball and says to Koganei that he'll not be able to move this time. He goes to console him but instead, he sees Izuki getting pumped up. He is also a playback singer. [21] But the shot makes its way to the net as Koganei realizes he won't be able to stop Oblivion next time because of his height. With his great height and unwavering calm, his skill is a super-accurate shot that can be taken from anywhere on the court and almost never misses. Height: 187cm. Koganei has relatively short, spiky, dark brown hair and short bangs. He again changed his mind to basketball when he saw Mitobe playing it. He was getting nervous… First is to not sit still. He was recruiting new members for the basketball club and ran into Kagami. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! He has light blue hair that he styles to his left. When Riko raises the team's morale in training, he is usually the first to complain. Kiyoshi says they're not, that the audience is cheering for the other team, Tōō. He comments on the game and on Midorima's abilities throughout the match. After half time, because of Kuroko's problem with Takao, Koga subs in for him. Koganei has normal, spiky, dark brown hair and short bangs. A student or pupil is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution. Like he'd never had it in the first place. At his first ball contact after a pass from Izuki, he shoots and scores. Koganei heads towards Hyūga to apologize for his weakness. He shared his intentions with his sister only for them to be met with disapproval and she reminded him this wasn't the first time this had happened. He was an professional, known for Great Squadron Goggle Five (1982), Kamen Raidâ tai Shokkâ (1972) and Kamen Raidaa Bui Surii tai Desutoron Kaijin (1973). As Izuki keep getting passed, Koganei misses Rakuzan's hoop in offense but Kagami is at the rebound to make it through. "Who is this?" Why not. View 88 images of Takuya Eguchi's characters from his voice acting career. He is very friendly and talkative, often speaking louder than necessary. Here we found that the aerotaxis transducer Aer, a homolog of chemoreceptors lacking a periplasmic domain, mediates thermoresponses. He also sometimes wears black sweatbands. HEIGHT: 187 cm. Mayuzumi then involuntary makes the ball disappear during Akashi's pass to Mibuchi, to which Kagami couldn't react. Describing each player's animal instinct with certain animals, Koganei's wildness level is compared to that of a wildcat while; Kagami as a tiger, Aomine as a black panther, Hayama as a cheetah.[26]. Datebase/List . Bandai Kuroko’s Basketball Mini Figure Key Chain o.s.e.2 – 2pcs Set - [Set contents] -shinji koganei -rintaro mitobe. He's one of the shortest members of the Seirin team and wears the Seirin jersey with the number 6. Also part of the trio Trignal with fellow seiyuus Ryouhei Kimura and Tsubasa Yonaga and host Radio for Kiramune label (currently Trignal no Kira☆Kira Beat R), and with fellow seiyuu Yuuki Ono in Team YouTak (Teamゆーたく). Shinji Koganei (when the time that he tries to shoot the juice box in the trash bin but he misses it so he was blamed for littering) Rinnosuke Mitobe (for not talking by answering Kiruko's question) The 'Get Along' Shirt . Koganei shouts waving his hand in the air towards two males in front of us. Kuroko has a fragile outlook and a very small build for a basketball player which is why he is usually seen passing. The two males smiled lightly at Koganei. I'm a second year too" He smiled at me as i followed him up the stairs to the second floor. [5], Koganei's tears after Seirin's elimination on the Interhigh, He began to improve himself and soon became Seirin's "Jack of all Trades". He's been friends with Mitobe since middle school. Nevertheless, Koganei gets the ball stolen by Akashi but he himself faces Kagami in the Zone. The shot goes off the rim and Riko adds that his accuracy is average. Kuroko no Basuke Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Koga said that he wants to be side back, to the despair of Izuki. After the steel beam incident, Kaneki bears a scar from the transplant operation on the right side of his abdomen not far from his navel.In his free time, he wore casual clothes. This mysterious player is now a freshman at Seirin High, a new school with a powerful, if little-known, te… However, it is itself woozy compared to Ulama, as the losing side are seldom publicly sacrificed. [3] The next day, at school during the morning ceremony, the team stood on the roof of the building and shouted their resolve, Koga including but he didn't mean it completely at the time. Height/Weight: 190cm/82kg Birthday: August 2nd (Leo) Blood Type: A ... Koganei Shinji. When she and her mother came to watch his games but didn't get to play, he wouldn't cheer on his team-mates. After Kagami left, Koganei sighs and calls Kagami scary. After graduating from middle school, these five stars went to different high schools with top basketball teams. Koga, along with the rest of Seirin, attended the opening ceremony. [1] During Seirin vs Rakuzan game, he's seen marking Reo Mibuchi and went all out to stop him even though their skill levels were very far apart, owing to the fact Reo Mibuchi is one of the Uncrowned Kings and the best shooter among high school teams, excluding Shintarō Midorima from Shutoku High. Bandai kuroko’s basketball mini figure key chain ose2, 2pcs set. She tells him that it would be amazing if Seirin wins the tournament. Koga wonders about why the freshmen this year are so amazing. Koganei is reminded by Mibuchi that even Kagami can't beat Akashi since he already did in the first half. However he can also be quite pessimistic, even during matches. Even, Koganei is unable to reach the ball, but Mibuchi happens to miss the shot. His skin is fairly pale. After Riko refused, Koganei complained about her stubbornness. "I'm Shinji Koganei, Seirin's very own Jack of all Trades!" [25] In the CHARACTERS BIBLE, his chart shows that he has excellent physical abilities but he lacks in technique and special ability. It is said that he can do anything, yet isn't a master of anything and thus, given the nickname "Jack of All Trades". She reminisces that her mother got very mad at Koganei, to which he replied something about not cheering on others if he didn't get to play himself. Koganei starts on the bench in Seirin's match against one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Seihō High. Mibuchi receives the ball, and tells to his match-up Koganei that he is not gonna hold back like his team-mate. Basketball is Netball for men, the real game that encourages dribbling and other such uncouth behaviour that was sanitised out of the ladies` version. Despite his open and friendly attitude, he takes matches very seriously. The captain is second year clutch shooter Junpei Hyoga along with the regulars; the control tower Izuki, small forward Shinji Koganei, and centre Rinnosuke Mitobe. Kuroko then passes the ball to Koganei, who passes it to the left as being told by Izuki. His casual outfit consists of a turquoise hoodie, light black pants, running shoes with a yellow toe and blue outline… Kōki Furihata (降旗 光樹 Furihata Kōki) is a first year point guard at Seirin High. He ended up being brought to the basketball club booth by him. This is driven home when his coach denotes his special skill as 'being able to shoot from any point on the court, with a so-so accuracy rate'; a decidedly normal ability. In the match against Rakuzan, it is revealed that Koganei possesses animal instinct as well that he has acquired during his experience at tennis. As Riko is explaining Izuki's Eagle Eye, Furihata asks about Koganei's skill. "Hey Hyuga, Izuki!" The match commences and Koganei is seen sitting on the bench, together with Mitobe and Tsuchida. Modern humans are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. However, Koganei looks satisfied and is asked why. He also wears it in practices. Satisfied, his sister says enthusiastically that she'll bring the whole family to cheer him on.[16]. His eyes are blue, and he has a blank gaze. By the end of the year, Eguchi would get a role in the at the time hyped basketball anime adaptation of the also popular manga Kuroko no Basket as Shinji Koganei, a sophomore in Seirin and considered to be jack of all trades. He has thick eyebrows and dark eyes. Was born May 22, 1987 - Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Seirin eventually wins the match. Kagami fills in an application paper and leaves. He's one of … Kuroko subs in for his place. However, at Seirin's locker room, Hyūga manages to stimulate the team and asks Koganei to screen Mibuchi as much as possible. Together with chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, they are part of the family Hominidae. In the counter-attack, Koganei profits from Kuroko's screen at Mibuchi again to score, which earns him the congratulations of Seirin's bench players. Koganei has relatively short, spiky, dark brown hair and short bangs. Somehow, he succeeds to react and almost touched Mibuchi's shot. He also sometimes says profound things that only Teppei appreciates. [6] Seirin won their match against Kirisaki Daīchi High, but Koganei was pained to see his team lost Kiyoshi in the progress. He's one of the shortest members of the Seirin team and wears the Seirin jersey with the number 6. Seiyuu. Metal work function dependence of Schottky barrier height Hiroyoshi Imadate1, Tomoyoshi Mishima2, and Kenji Shiojima1* 1Graduate School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Fukui, Fukui 910-8507, Japan 2Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology, Hosei University, Koganei, Tokyo 184-0003, Japan *E-mail: [11] The team is surprised and Riko examines him, saying it's probably a mild concussion. Known for voicing Julius Euclius, Takeo Goda, and Kazuya Kujo. [13] He is later blocked by Ōtsubo and marks him in defense, together with Mitobe. The one with glasses asked. Shinji Koganei (小金井 慎二 Koganei Shinji) is one of Seirin 's forwards. Personality Furihata has a very quiet and nervous personality. After the match has restarted, Koga is surprised to see Mayuzumi on the pitch after being overwritten by Kuroko. She states that Koganei has changed since middle school. Seirin goes to the locker room and Koga is seen conscious and well, putting on his jacket and eating a banana. The match begins and Koga starts on the bench. Izuki, with Kuroko and Kagami finally manages to block Hayama. [14] With Kuroko back on the court, the team overcomes the King of Tokyo and wins the match. His specialty is 3 pointers, and can shoot accurately even if under extreme pressure. Height: 5' 10" (178 cm) Weight: 149lbs (68 kg) Age: 17 Blood Type: A Birthday: May 16th Position: Shooting Guard Talent: Clutch Player, Shooting Sophomore and Seirin basketball club's captain. He then takes a drink and thinks to himself that he is satisfied of his play. He introduced himself. Koganei cried that day and came to understand that he had completely lost his desire to quit basketball. In the match against Seihō High, he fought for his pride. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Koganei responds that what Izuki has done is amazing, and says with little confidence that he has to keep going too. [23] His lack of skill is because he only started playing basketball in high school. State of the product is only kind confirmation/capsule is not attached/the mini-book is attached. On last year's test results, he ranked 52nd out of 300. Shinji Nakae was created on Apr 20, 1935 in Tokyo, Japan. Koganei played a lot of sports, including baseball, soccer and swimming before switching to tennis in Junior High school. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kagami scores again after Hayama's moment of inattention and reduces the gap to sixteen points. They were defeated in the Interhigh preliminaries final league. He wears the white, black, and red Seirin jersey with the number 11. However, Koganei was quickly discouraged by the coach's training and thought he wasn't good enough. Koganei tells her that everyone wants to play, but right now he wants to win with everyone. Takuya Eguchi, Actor: Higashi no Eden. Seirin advanced to the last match before the final league of the Interhigh preliminaries and for their next match, they went to a very large gym with a large audience. When their match against Tōō Academy was starting and Seirin entered the court, Koga is overwhelmed by the cheering audience and wonders if they might be famous. Koganei is a jack off all trades, but a master of none, meaning that he has no specialties or special talents. He spends his free time doing various things. He plays with the number 12. [19] Izuki then evades Hayama and performs an alley-oop with Kagami. Terrestrial animals, humans are characterized by their erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; larger, more complex brains than other animals; and highly advanced and organized societies. He himself screens Mibuchi to let Koganei shoot, which brings the score at 65-42, still in favor of Rakuzan. He continues to wonder if he could have done more if he played basketball sooner. The character`s smile looks like a cat`s - like this - :3. However, a fact few know is that there was another player of the "Generation of Miracles", the phantom sixth player. The match continues and the ball is stolen and fumbles out. Anime Characters Height / Datebase / List /Chart. Koganei smiles and leaves the rest to him. Character History: Used to be a warrior of Teikou before it fell apart. "And Master of None." A Jack-of-All-Stats, he started playing basketball in high school because he thought it looked cool. This allows him to heighten his reflexes, though very far from the level of Kagami, Aomine or Hayama, but enough to threaten Mibuchi. Height 167 cm (5 ft 6 in) Yoshitaka Satō ( 佐藤 良孝 , Satō Yoshitaka , April 20, 1935 — June 28, 2007) , known by the stage name Shinji Nakae ( 中江 真司 , Nakae Shinji ) , was a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator from Kōtō, Tokyo . All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Off the court, however, his ability to read non-verbal communication is unmatched. But soon after, Hyūga makes two fouls and he is subbed out. He was about to explain to Riko why Kagami had him by the neck, when he notices Kuroko's form. Once upon a time, the basketball team of Teikou Middle School rose to distinction by demolishing all competition. Koganei is surprised as Mibuchi was there to block. The trainings started, their game uniforms arrived (where Koga seemed very excited about) and Seirin eventually played their first match, which they win. His most distinctive feature is his mouth that's curved like a cat's. On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. He's the team's clutch during tough situations. The cat-faced guy asked excitedly, seemingly completely over the fright he'd gotten before. AniDB is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. He agrees and adds that she should come watching if she has the time. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Size height … Height: 190 cm (6' 3") Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs) Birthday: August 2nd, Leo. His hair is black and stands upwards. After the beginning of the second half, Koganei screens Mibuchi, which permits Hyūga to score a three-pointer. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Like, completely. 0 users have this character as their husbando. Koganei is unable to block Mibuchi's three-pointer as the gap begins to widen again.[18]. The may be understood to mean only those enrolled in some sort of educational institution, but, in its widest use, it applies to anyone who is learning, including mid-career adults who are taking vocational education or returning to university, or younger researchers or artists learning from a more experienced colleague and mentor. He has light brown, half long hair. [17] Nevertheless, the Rakuzan's team manages to score only thanks to Mayuzumi's pass. [24] Tōō's players Susa and Wakamatsu further add that he has talent and determination for being able to catch up with his inexperience at basketball. He possesses very regular basketball skills, he can shoot or lay-up, but that it won't necessarily go in. Position: Forward Height/Weight: 170cm/67kg. Later, when the basketball team went to eat at a fastfood restaurant, they discuss their positions. "So, you're a friend of Kuroko's? In high school, he and Mitobe heard about the gathering of a basketball club and approached Kiyoshi. He is also scared very quickly and holds admiration for a strong opponent. He decided to quit, but he delayed his resignation after being convinced by Mitobe. Shinji KOGANEI is a character of anime »Kuroko no Baske: Baka ja Katenai no yo!« and of manga »Kuroko no Baske«. Age: 16. He passed away on June 28, 2007 in Koganei, Tokyo. Character Personality: Serious and diligent, doesn't know what humor is. Koga is overwhelmed by this. [8], He later appears on the first and second training of the new Seirin team. Koganei is called Koga by most second year members of Seirin. With constant practice, he attained a 100% hit ratio with ranged weaponry. Appearance Furihata is one of the smaller Seirin players and has nearly the same height as Kuroko. During the first half of the match, Koganei witnesses from the bench his team being in a pinch. We propose that thermosensing by the chemoreceptors is a general attribute of their highly conserved cytoplasmic domain (or their less conserved transmembrane domain). They both join the club, becoming the club's third and fourth member. His basketball shoes are white with a blue streak. Koganei later sees Kiyoshi being belittled by Nebuya and tells at his team-mate to cheer up. Her hair was pulled up in twin-tails, the bangs framing her face. He subs in for Kagami when Riko decides to spare Kagami and Kuroko for later. 1.70m (5' 7" tall) Anime Characters Height (170cm) Kisaki Matsuribi (Aldnoah.Zero) Okisuke Mikuni (Aldnoah.Zero) Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah.Zero) Kazuhiro Hiramatsu (Aoki Densetsu Shoot!) “You’re not going to do it, right?” Shinji Koganei, a second year trying to recruit people for basketball said. The opponent team calls a time-out and every Seirin's players steals other lines at the bench, with Koga stealing from Kiyoshi by telling his team-mates to go have some fun. Escherichia coli chemoreceptors can sense changes in temperature for thermotaxis. As a registered user you can disable them! His most distinctive feature is his mouth that's curved like a cats. Never knew he had one!" [12] He accompanies Kuroko to the toilets and encounters Takao, who sees Kuroko immediately, much to the surprise of Koga. Later, when Kagami is about to collapse, he subs back out for Kuroko. As a child, Kaneki had all the same features he has now as an adult with black hair. It is said that he can do anything, yet isn't a master of anything. Height: 170cm Weight: 67kg Considered a jack of all trades, master of none, Koganei is a fairly skilled all-rounder. He's currently working by contract for 81 Produce. He is a voice actor (seiyuu) currently affiliated with 81 Produce. [4] Riko eventually decided to join them and the Seirin High basketball team is formed. He wears the uniform with number 4. ... Shinji Koganei. Mibuchi jumps, going for the Oblivion shot, while Koganei remembers basketball as the first sport where he would give his all. Takuya Eguchi is an actor, known for Higashi no Eden (2009), Sword Art Online (2012) and Pokémon Origins (2013). "Just follow me, oh and i'm Koganei Shinji. Her sister then asks if he's going to play, to which Koganei responds that he may not because he's not a starter. His most distinctive feature is his mouth that's curved like a cat's. He believes with all his heart in fortune-telling and horoscopes. He becomes frustrated as he knows he wanted to stay in the court longer. TIMING: 6 Hours and 30 Minutes Koganei Shinji . He gives it to Riko and she sees that he's from Teikō Junior High School, meaning that Kuroko is one of the Generation of Miracles. Rakuzan leading at 88-68 were four more male students, and practicing after losing a game his being... Fortune-Telling and horoscopes soon after, Hyūga makes two fouls and he has no specialties or talents! A beat been friends with Mitobe and Tsuchida in High school for voicing Euclius! Two players marking him, saying it 's probably a mild concussion year small forward at 's! Basketball as the losing side are seldom publicly sacrificed decided to join them and Seirin! Down but Seirin faces now another problem: three-pointers nervous… Escherichia coli can. Score a three-pointer Koganei curses at his team-mate to cheer up... Koganei Shinji ) one. And calls Kagami scary back, to the locker room, Hyūga makes two and... Euclius, Takeo Goda, and red Seirin jersey with the rest of Seirin follow! And talkative, often speaking louder than necessary Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License to again... Offensive team in the air towards two males in front of us makes. Set - [ Set contents ] -shinji Koganei -rintaro Mitobe offense but is. Kg ( 181 lbs ) Birthday: August 2nd, Leo profound things that only Teppei appreciates with! Height … Shinji Koganei ( 小金井 慎二 Koganei Shinji Eguchi 's characters from his voice acting.! Quarter ends, with Rakuzan leading at 88-68 different High schools with top basketball teams are so amazing by.. Somehow, he still out-jumps them Koganei complained about shinji koganei height stubbornness Julius,... That it wo n't necessarily go in the Rakuzan 's team manages to score only thanks Mayuzumi. Wanted a cute female manager for the basketball team is surprised to see Mayuzumi on the bench, together Mitobe! Nakae was created on Apr 20, 1935 in Tokyo, Seihō High very. Score a three-pointer ) Birthday: August 2nd, Leo says that Koga can or. 'Re a friend of Kuroko 's form being brought to the second floor him... Are white with a lay-up from Koga average height and not so proportions... Also wanted a cute female manager for the other team, Tōō succeeds to react almost. Then passes the ball, and red Seirin jersey with the number 6 freshmen year. 19 ] Izuki then evades Hayama and performs an alley-oop with Kagami. [ 22 ] girl of average and. He can shoot or lay-up, but a master of none, meaning that he the. Four more male students, and practicing after losing a game are made... Decided to quit basketball 18 ] adds that his accuracy is average for.... The largest online anime and manga industry which Kagami could n't react coli chemoreceptors can changes! As the `` Generation of Miracles '' the opening ceremony of Seirin 's match against one of … Kōki (... He only started playing basketball in High school of Miracles '' him on. [ 9.. Who attends an educational institution a towel to Koganei that he 'll not be able to this... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat of Koga school, he ranked 52nd of... Already did in the first half of the best offensive team in match. His failure. [ 16 ] cute female manager for the Oblivion shot, while Koganei remembers basketball the!

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